Flower Tree Wall Sticker

From the success of our Cherry Blossom Branch Wall Sticker – we decided to “branch” out a little more and now offer the Flower Tree Wall Sticker. It stands 1.6m tall and is adorned with dual coloured cherry blossoms! The branches come separately so you can position them as you wish, as do the flowers – so feel free to make the wind blow them across the wall to use them on doors, cupboard doors or even furniture. And: Get 18 Birds, 6 Flowers and 12 Butterflies for free!

As Edwin Mudaly, a customer, said: “This product was great!! Really livened up the room. Cant wait for Little Leah to enjoy. As soon as nursery is complete, will be sure to post a pic for all of you to see. Thank you!”

Here are some photos of our Flower Tree Wall Sticker and some Real Customer Wall Sticker Photos as well: