Owl Tree Giant Wall Sticker South Africa

Talk about a Giant Wall Sticker, Our Giant Tree Wall Art with Owls is big enough for the whole nursery. Giant Trees, especially this owl tree is one of our signature products!! Not only is it the giant owl tree with the love owls perched with leaves but also comes with little birds, stars, lady bugs, mushrooms, grass/reeds, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies – it’s the details in this sticker that make it so wonderful!

It comes in 2 colour schemes, namely: Blues/Teals and Pinks/Purples –  each colour version comes with a few different details: like the pink one has lots of flowers and butterflies, whereas the blue is frogs, dragonflies and reeds rather than tons of flowers. Another great thing is that the parts come separately, so you can choose how you want to place it in the room.

This sticker also goes well with our Owl Name Personalised Wall Sticker.

Here are some photos of the Giant Owl Tree Wall Sticker: