Birch Trees, Birch Forest and Owl Trees Wall Stickers

We have been wanting to add Birch Trees Wall Sticker to our website for a very long time, so very happy to finally have them! We added 3 variations and price points for Birch Trees:
1.)  Birch Trees Wall Sticker (made up of 3 trees with birds)
2.) Birch Forest Nursery Wall Sticker (comes with 8 trees)
3.) Owl Trees Wall Art Sticker (3 birch trees with 2 Owls and an Owl House)

All Birch Wall Stickers have trunks that are 2.6m tall, which fit from floor to ceiling! They really do make an impact all together, but also look amazing if spread on a few walls – it all comes separately so you can place them as you wish.

Here are some photos of the Birch Trees Wall Sticker, Birch Forest Wall Sticker and Owl Tree Wall Art Sticker:

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