Cars Wall Sticker

Cars Wall Sticker

All boys love cars, so this Cars Room Wall Sticker is great as a children’s wall sticker or a boys nursery wall sticker. Comes in Red, Royal Blue and Yellow with Black tyres for Sedan Cars, Trucks, Busses, Caravans and our favourite, little Compact Cars!

This Cars Wall Sticker is designed so you can have them driving underneath each other, or you can make a border out of them – or even separate cars around the room. Certain Caravans also come separately so you can place them on whatever car you like! And: Get 8 airplanes in same colour choice free.

Here are some photos of our Cars Wall Sticker and some Real Customer Photos too:

Birds on a Wire Wall Sticker

Birds on a Wire White

Our Birds on a Wire Wall Decal is designed and produced in South Africa. The birds and the wires come seperately so you can really customise it to your space. Each Birds on a Wire Wall Sticker comes with 4 different wires (2 straight and 2 bending), and you can either have them joined as one long straight or bending wire (2m) or one above the other (1m each). It also works well in as a Birds on a Wire Baby Room Wall Sticker.

Take a look at some real customer’s photos of our birds on a wire wall sticker:

Baby Nursery Tree Wall Sticker

Nursery Tree Grey

Our Baby Nursery Tree Wall Sticker is our most popular nursery wall sticker. Brining nature into a baby nursery is very trendy in nursery décor. Standing 2m tall by 1.4m wide, it is a very affordable way to fill up a large space. The branches, leaves and animals come separately, so you can position them to suit the baby nursery furniture that you have. The animals also make it possible to have them jumping around the room!And: Get 11 stars, 9 dots, 2 butterflies and a tortoise in same colour scheme for free!

Finished Size (if positioned like photo): Nursery Tree size – approx. 1.4 x 2m (h). Excludes squirrels and birds in measurement.

Colour Options: White, Black, Grey, Ash Grey, Brown, Dark Chocolate, Forest Green, Lime, Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Crayola Blue, Pale Turquoise, Lilac, Petal Pink, Hot Pink, Red, Orange or Sunshine Yellow.

Here are some photos from our website, as well as real customer finished wall sticker photos:

Monkey Nursery Wall Sticker

Swinging from the ceiling, this Monkey Nursery Wall Sticker is designed to fit across the wall of your baby nursery! A very popular sticker for baby rooms and we have a few other versions of monkeys wall stickers as a nursery theme as well, like:

– Girls Monkey Wall Art Tattoo
– Monkey Tree Nursery Wall Decal
– Girls Wall Decal – Monkey Tree Vinyl

Plus, both our Safari theme baby room wall stickers have monkeys in them:

– Safari Jungle Wall Art Decal Pastels

Safari Jungle Nursery Wall Sticker

We have some photos of our monkey wall stickers in action! The monkeys come separately so you can position them as you wish – some great creativity in these photos!