Soccer Wall Sticker

Soccer Wall Sticker South Africa

Whatever you call Soccer, this Soccer Wall Sticker is so well suited for soccer fans everywhere! Our South Africa Wall Sticker would be called a “Diski” Wall Sticker here or even a Football Wall Sticker for those English fans! The 4 players are shooting, dribbling, pitching, and passing with their 4 soccer balls. And: Get 8 patterned soccer balls and 3 “Soccer” texts in same colour choice for free!

This is a very popular wall sticker, here are some real customer photos:

Personalised Name Vinyl Decals

Personalised Name Decal

So exciting to launch a dedicated section on our website for Personalised Name Wall Stickers! You can just choose a Personalized Name: Small (56cm) or Large (80cm) in one of our 10 Font choices and 18 Colours – or you can choose from our Monogram Name Stickers like: Monogram Girls Decal with ButterfliesMonogram Boys Wall Sticker with Stars.
We also have a range of Personalised Wall Stickers to match your nursery theme:
– Birdie Personalized Name Decal
Owl Name Personalised Wall Sticker
– Princess Personalised Vinyl Decal
and more…

Here are some photos of Persoanlized Name Decals:

Birch Trees, Birch Forest and Owl Trees Wall Stickers

Shop Tree Decals

We have been wanting to add Birch Trees Wall Sticker to our website for a very long time, so very happy to finally have them! We added 3 variations and price points for Birch Trees:
1.)  Birch Trees Wall Sticker (made up of 3 trees with birds)
2.) Birch Forest Nursery Wall Sticker (comes with 8 trees)
3.) Owl Trees Wall Art Sticker (3 birch trees with 2 Owls and an Owl House)

All Birch Wall Stickers have trunks that are 2.6m tall, which fit from floor to ceiling! They really do make an impact all together, but also look amazing if spread on a few walls – it all comes separately so you can place them as you wish.

Here are some photos of the Birch Trees Wall Sticker, Birch Forest Wall Sticker and Owl Tree Wall Art Sticker:

Safari Wall Sticker – Nursery Baby Room Theme

Pastel Safari Jungle Wall Art Decal

So apt in South Africa to have a Safari Jungle Wall Stickers as nursery themes for your wall decals or wall stickers. We have a few versions of the Safari Nursery theme wall decals:

Safari Jungle Nursery Wall Sticker: Bright Safari colours with a Mommy giraffe and baby giraffe, king of the jungle lion, a cute elephant, a tree with dual-coloured leaves with an owl in it, a branch with a monkey and some vines, grasses, a rock and some coloured butterflies. Plus, get a free crocodile in grass green!

– Safari Jungle Wall Art Decal Pastels: A pastel version of the above Safari Wall Sticker,. Our Safari Jungle Wall Art Decal Pastels is a Safari Tree with pastel wild animals like giraffes, lion, elephant,  monkey & free crocodile too! Free delivery in South Africa.

They are both giant wall stickers and are big enough for an entire nursery, at 3.3m wide and it stands almost 2m tall. All the elements come separately, like the tree and branch and animals too so you can position them as you wish around the room.

We also have some other wall stickers that compliment our Safari baby room theme, like:

– Grass Wall Decal
Big 5 Childrens Growth Chart Sticker
Hakuna Matata Wall Art Sticker
Garland Wall Vinyl Decal: Be Brave
Stars Wall Sticker

Here are some photos of the Safari Wall Sticker:

Mandela Day World Wall Sticker

World Map Decal

StickyThings was so proud for Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa (CAF) to use our World Map Decal as part of a Mandela Day Volunteering Project on 18 July 2013.

CAF facilitated the Mandela Day Volunteering Project for a corporate company at Akani Diepsloot Foundation. The StickyThings Wall Sticker was put up in the re-furbished Grade 4 classroom.

CAF sent us some photos of the volunteers putting up the World Map Wall Sticker and won our random Wall Sticker draw competition for August! They received voucher for our website, which they will use for their next project.

It is so wonderful that CAF (together with corporates) are making a difference, not only on Mandela Day, but all year round. Here are some of their photos:

Owl Tree Giant Wall Sticker South Africa

Giant Tree Wall Art

Talk about a Giant Wall Sticker, Our Giant Tree Wall Art with Owls is big enough for the whole nursery. Giant Trees, especially this owl tree is one of our signature products!! Not only is it the giant owl tree with the love owls perched with leaves but also comes with little birds, stars, lady bugs, mushrooms, grass/reeds, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies – it’s the details in this sticker that make it so wonderful!

It comes in 2 colour schemes, namely: Blues/Teals and Pinks/Purples –  each colour version comes with a few different details: like the pink one has lots of flowers and butterflies, whereas the blue is frogs, dragonflies and reeds rather than tons of flowers. Another great thing is that the parts come separately, so you can choose how you want to place it in the room.

This sticker also goes well with our Owl Name Personalised Wall Sticker.

Here are some photos of the Giant Owl Tree Wall Sticker:

Flying Flock Wall Sticker

The StickyThings Flying Flock Wall Sticker can be used on a wall but you can pretty much use it on any flat surface, like in the photos you will see we used it on a shower door; a client used hers close to the ceiling! The abstract bird shapes can be arranged in any way as they all come separately. Also goes very well with our Birds on a Wire Wall Sticker (here is a Birds on a Wire Blog Post) or Bird Cage Wall Sticker.

Winnie the Pooh Quote Wall Sticker

Winnie Pooh

Winnie the Pooh has become a very popular Nursery Theme choice, not only because he is a super cute bear, but because he says the truest things!

Our Winnie the Pooh Quote Wall Sticker says: “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your Heart”. Measures just over 1 m wide and comes with free Pooh related gifts like bees, forest leaves, adventure sign, heart, dragonflies and even a hunny pot!

Winnie die Poeh Muur Plakker Afrikaans version also available: “Somtyds vat die kleinste goedjies die grootste plek in jou Hart”

Order online

Wow, take a look at these photos from Taryn Ward Photography :

Flower Tree Wall Sticker

Flower Tree Wall Sticker

From the success of our Cherry Blossom Branch Wall Sticker – we decided to “branch” out a little more and now offer the Flower Tree Wall Sticker. It stands 1.6m tall and is adorned with dual coloured cherry blossoms! The branches come separately so you can position them as you wish, as do the flowers – so feel free to make the wind blow them across the wall to use them on doors, cupboard doors or even furniture. And: Get 18 Birds, 6 Flowers and 12 Butterflies for free!

As Edwin Mudaly, a customer, said: “This product was great!! Really livened up the room. Cant wait for Little Leah to enjoy. As soon as nursery is complete, will be sure to post a pic for all of you to see. Thank you!”

Here are some photos of our Flower Tree Wall Sticker and some Real Customer Wall Sticker Photos as well: